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Casual, preparando el porro &lt;3 

Boots:An tai na
Tigths: Offbrand
Anything else from h.Naoto.

Punk rave, blouse and dress, bonnet form Chantilly, anything else is offbrand.
My taobao order its here!
I sold all this items and now my style its more punk and gothic&#8230; but i miss this coord so much u,u It was all AP, except that Alice bow, from Bodyline xD

venta lolitil! ayúdenme a pagar mi boleto a japón xD https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.557842160896539.139854.100000122808851&type=3

Me and my hand made cutsew, perfect for a punk loli &lt;3
Angry (by Atenas Sifuentes)

My friend Youko and I.

Shes wearing an awesome Jsk from h.naoto, she’s so pretty and petit. LOVE HER! Excuse my derpy face =P

My last coord from am a long long time =\
I just wanna try on my new jsk
Nyaaaa fairy mori girl appeared with a bunch of gifts aaaand eating tacos

Myself appreciation  post


Ñam this is a little more about me. owo And my tumblr its EVERYTHING about me <3

and i thinks that’s all about me for now @o@ What about you? owo