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Primera vuelta del Transistor terminada y aquí ando con el moco tendido! WHY?!?!??!! WHY?!?!?!?!

by kazzassin.


How to advertise your game ft. Watch_Dogs

Amazing cosplay.

—Me da más miedo con la luz encendida.

Limbo de esos  juegos que te dan cañacas ñangas en el squidishpooch.


Hiroyuki Takahashi  (タカハシヒロユキ)

Using the figure/model as a structure for designing a sculptural environment of surreal, Japan-heavy, technophile fashion, illustrator/designer Hiroyuki Takahashi creates limitless works with overwhelming style. 

Already featured twice, Hiroyuki is being featured yet again because he simply keeps generating that much brilliant new work. Genius really begins to show when you produce a new book full of deluxe, all-original illustrations every year while simultaneously performing live-paintings, designing tangible fashion/accessories, and collaborating with various artists and companies in Japan, France, and the USA — Hiroyuki Takahashi represents the height of contemporary art and fashion for Japan’s sub-culture.

*Previous feature

As of recently, you can find Hiroyuki’s newest work in the anthology ILLUSTRATION 2014

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La intensidad en las batallas es bastante gozadora, el lore de este juego es bastante sombrío y te deja siempre ganas de darle otra vuelta y checar partes de la trama que te perdiste. 

by kazzassin

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Calm your tits


Witchin’ it up in here <3

Rings from H&M, everyhting else is thrifted

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Saber wears a MyLittlePony shirt in her free time!

Ya había dicho que iba a hacer el dibujo :D primero hice el sketch en mi croquera y ahora terminé el digital. Catherine del juego Catherine pero en su versión demonio.
Ojala les guste &lt;3